♡ All about Cristina Alonso (inkl. Interview) ♡

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Hallo meine Lieben! 🙂 ❣

Ich bin ganz begeistert von Künstlerinnen wie Megan Hess oder Miri D’Oro. Heute möchte ich euch eine weitere, sehr begabte Illustratorin vorstellen: Cristina Alonso ( https://www.cristinalonso.com/ ). ♡


Ich habe sie interviewt und möchte euch hier ein paar ihrer wundervollen, glamourösen Bilder zeigen. 🙂

Ihr werdet hier einen zwei-sprachigen Blogbeitrag lesen. Wenn ihr etwas nicht versteht, könnt ihr mich gerne in den Kommentaren fragen, hoffentlich kann ich euch dann weiterhelfen. ☼

Have you always liked painting or did the passion for it come later? ⚘

Morethan a hobby, creation has always been for me a natural and necessary way to express my ideas and emotions: I love drawing since I can remember and I consider myself primarily a vocational illustrator. Since my childhood I have been always drawing, drawing and drawing (in those years, I didn’t know what ‘Illustration’ was, and I considered myself as a ‘painter’; but with time, I grew up and I realized that what I had been doing all those years were really illustrations –creating worlds and telling stories-, not painting at all).

What is the unmistakable trademark or your pictures? ✍

Probably my way of drawing lush hair and my watercolor splatters.

Describe yourself in 3 Unicodes or Emojis:  ❤🎨📖

Which one is your favorite book? ✌

Mmmh, hard to tell. I like too many books for choosing just one. I have a real soft spot for Hamlet, Life is a Dream, The Little Prince and the Harry Potter saga.

Now you have the pain of the choice, just choose one! 😀

Blue or Pink: Pink
Dream or Reality:  Both! Well, I know, I know… just one. Reality (but reality includes dreamers! 🙂 ).
Dog or Cat: Cats, plural.
Loud or quiet: Quiet.
Chanel or Prada (I know, this is a hard one 😉 ) Chanel.
Letter or mail: Letter.
Vintage or modern: Vintage.
Summer or Winter:  Winter.
1 Million Euro or 1 month journey to Hawaii: With 1 miIlion € I would do a million things!
Trip to Paris or trip to London: Undoubtedly Paris.
Movie or book: Book.
Tea or coffee: Tea, always tea.
Colorful or black-n-white: Black & white.
Tree house or villa: A tree house would be my childhood dream, but I need a lot of space to work, so… villa.

Which meeting won’t you forget? 💖

A day with my family and loved ones.

What was the best (and the most glamorous) illustration-order which you have ever got?

Although I put all my passion in every single project, I think I should highlight one (there is no project better than another, but this one is particularly glamorous):  I was commissioned by Delush Polish to create an exclusive illustration for their collection, ‘Fashionably Delushous’, featured at the Luxury Celebrity Gift Lounge, hosted by GBK in honor to New York Fashion Week ‘14. All celebrities, top media and press who attended, received the “Fashionably Delushous Duo Set” that also included my artwork in a limited edition postcard.

For who do you want to illustrate one day?

My favorite fashion brands (Chanel, Dior, YSL…) would be a dream.

How do you imagine the perfect world?

I think I cannot give a better description than John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

Do you have a pet/pets? ✦

Oh, yes! I love animals. Now I have a cute orange fish, but I had cats, a dog and two hamsters.

 Complete these sentences. (Cristinas Antworten sind fett gedruckt.) ❀

If I could even be an animal for a day, I would be a bird.
I am afraid of death.
The best movie of the year is Inside Out (at least for me!)
I like the name Aura.
It takes 10/40 approx. hours to finish an illustration.
In my free time I like to read, watch series/movies, spend time with my family/friends, and … draw for me!
My favorite fashion brand is Dior.
I am also interested in writing.
I tasted chocolate very good.
I don’t like the taste of cheese.

How is the daily life of an illustrator? ⟵

I start the day with a quick review of my favorite blogs and social networks (specially Instagram and Pinterest).

Then, accompanied by a big cup of milk tea, I do an email and tasks check.

And then comes the interesting part, working directly in projects: I always start with a reference imaginery search , a development of ideas and concepts. … and sketching, drawing, scanning and colouring. The work often involves revisions and corrections to adjust small details.

I take regular breaks to share my work on social networks.

There are less idyllic days when I have to do billing control and contracts revisions, but luckily… not often!

Do you illustrate with ink? What materials do you need?

Of course! Although I’m always experimenting, I use pencil, ink, markers, and watercolour the most. I published a detailed post about my favorite materials and tools on my blog: Just click to know more about the materials 🙂 ✒

Ich persönlich finde ihre Illustrationen wirklich zauberhaft. ♥ Nun möchte ich euch ein paar der Kunstwerke aus Cristinas Feder zeigen. ✑

Viel Spaß beim Anschauen und Träumen! 😉

Rouge Passion ‘The 5 Minute Makeup’ (Editorial)
Heartbreaker (for 100 Grados Magazine, Editorial)
Sakura Bloom (Packaging)
Cherry Blossoms (Giambattista Valli S’14)
Cocktail (Editorial)
Rose Gold & Amethyst Hair Chalk (for Colour Addict, Packaging)

So I love your amazing artwork and I really want to say “Thank you! ❤️” for your lovely answers and your effort. ❧

 Ich hoffe, euch hat dieser Blogbeitrag gefallen. Ich wünsche euch ein wundervolles, kreatives, neues Jahr ❷0❶❻ ✨

eure Julia



5.00 avg. rating (96% score) - 1 vote

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